Kingsbury Animal Hospital

420 North Skinker Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63130


At Kingsbury Animal Hospital, the health and safety of your pets is our top priority.

Updated As Of 6/10/2021

Please check this page for updates prior to your appointment. Thank you.

We are experiencing a high volume of calls. For non-emergency questions and refills on food/medication, please email us at

Our goal is to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus pandemic so that we may continue providing for all of your pets’ needs.

If our doctors and team get sick, we will not be able to care for your pets in times of emergency. We are implementing the following protocols, but these may change.

Covid Policies

*Beginning 6/14/21 we are allowing 1 person into the building for:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Grooming
  • Surgery pickups
  • Dropping off urine/fecal samples
  • Controlled medication pickups

     Surgical drop offs and technician appointments will remain curbside.  Please call the front desk at arrival: 314-721-6251 

    All other prescriptions and food will continue to be picked up from our medication pickup box inside the garden box in our parking lot. 


  • If you are coughing or sick or have recently traveled, please have someone else bring your pet to the hospital. 
  • Please turn off your car's bluetooth option when on the phone. Sometimes it creates a lot of feedback and it can be difficult to understand you. Also, often bluetooth can be heard outside of the car, creating a privacy issue for you.
  • Do not leave the parking lot unless discussed with the technician or veterinarian.  
  • For grooming appointments, please write down a list of your grooming requests to give the groomer.
  • Please be considerate of the groomer's time and be on time.


We have experienced delays in the supply chain due to the pandemic and it can take time to receive food/medications. 

  • Please email prescription/food requests to,  or utilize our online store
  • A receptionist will call when the prescription/food order is filled and will take payment over the phone. You will also receive pick up instructions at that time.
  • Supplies can be difficult to keep on stock, so please allow plenty of time when refilling medication. 
  • If medication availability is a concern, your veterinarian may be able to refill your pet's prescription early. Please contact your veterinarian to see if this is an option. (Please note: we cannot advance refill controlled substances.)

We are following CDC protocols and watching for updates and new developments closely. Thank you so much for helping us keep our team healthy and available for the pets who need us.




Can my pet catch or carry COVID-19?

 Please see CDC's website for the most up-to-date information available regarding your pet's ability to contract or carry COVID-19. COVID-19 and Animals

What is Kingsbury doing to help stop the spread of COVID-19?


  • Require employees wear a mask or shield when picking up or returning pets
  • Promote more frequent hand-washing
  • Wipe down high touch surfaces more often
  • Requiring employees stay home who are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19


What happens if the Kingsbury staff are affected by COVID-19?


In case an employee tests positive for COVID-19, that employee will follow current CDC guidelines for quarantining. Any other necessary precautions will be taken dependent upon the situation.


Thank you for helping us work through these changes.


For further reading on COVID-19: