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420 North Skinker Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63130


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We are a St. Louis veterinary clinic conveniently located near the Delmar loop.  We are in University City and only minutes from the Central West End, Maplewood, Dogtown, The Hill, Clayton, Richmond Heights, Webster Groves, and easily accessible to surrounding areas. Kingsbury Animal Hospital provides sensitive, quality medical care for companion animals in accordance with each client's emotional and financial needs.  Our practice is a friendly workplace encouraging personal and professional growth with understanding and respect for the individual differences of coworkers, clients and the animals placed in our care. We are proud to be a favorite among St. Louis veterinarians.   
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Fleas and Ticks

We recommend keeping your pets on both a heartworm and flea and tick preventative year round. Although the weather is starting to get a little colder, we start seeing an increase in flea outbreaks in September and October so don't stop prevention now!    For dogs, we currently offer Trifexis, which is an oral medication that  treats fleas and heartworms.  We also carry the Heartgard/Nexgard combo.  Heartgard is a long trusted product that we have sold for many years that covers heartworms and some internal parasites.  We previously have suggested Frontline for fleas to be used in combination with the Heartgard.  However, after many cases of fleas last year with compliant clients, we can no longer confidently recommend Frontline.  Instead, we are suggesting Nexgard.  Nexgard has been shown to be much more effective on fleas and is a very palatable oral medication. For cats, we recommend Revolution.   Please call the office or stop by if you have any questions or  to pick up products for your pets!


KAH Online Pharmacy 

Looking for a place online to order your pets' prescription medicine, food, and other supplies?  We now have an online store to fit your needs.  Visit us at  The site offers free shipping on orders over $49.00, automatic refill options, compounding options, tracking, live help and many other features.  They will also ship any food, any size for a flat rate of $6.95.  Please visit the site and let us know if you have any questions.



               Laser Therapy

               Kingsbury Animal Hospital, Veterinarian, St. Louis, Laser TherapyWe are all extremely excited about our brand new class IV therapeutic laser.  Laser therapy has been used for many years by human rehabilitation facilities and has recently become available for our pets.  The laser is used in many aspects of veterinary medicine including arthritis, wound treatment, otitis, dermatitis, etc.  It is a good alternative to long term drugs that are often used to treat arthritic pain. Our first patient was noticebly more comfortable after only one treatment! The laser is non-painful and often relaxing for the pet.  Please click here for more detailed information regarding the therapy.  Call anytime with questions.   





Dental Radiography 

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As we know from human health, researchers have found links between periodontal diseases and other diseases throughout the body.  This research holds true in veterinary medicine as well.  With this knowledge, we know now more than ever how important taking care of your pet's mouth is.  At Kingsbury, we strive to give the best care possible to your pet.  For that reason, dental radiographs are a standard part of every oral health treatment-at no additional charge to you!  We use them as a tool for assessing the condition of the root structure and surrounding bone of each tooth.  The digital radiographic equipment is fast and efficient reducing the time your pet is under anesthesia.  For more detailed information on the type of dental procedures you can expect at Kingsbury, click here







We are an ASL friendly workplace and welcome the deaf and hearing impaired community. 

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