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The Pet Professional Guild

This is a great site with lots of video including "How to Pill a Cat", and "Taking your Pet to the Vet".  A great resource. The Pet Professional Guild is a non-profit organization where leading professionals in animal behavior and training can share there experience and expertise with the community. 

Gentle Leader :

An instructional video on how to apply and use the Gentle Leader. 

Chirag Patel and Domesticated Manners

A great how to video on how to condition your dog to wear a muzzle. 

Zoom Room

A great visual guide on how to better understand your dog's body language.  Whether nervous, happy, or worried, your dog will use facial expressions and posture to communicate his feelings to you. 

The Family Dog

"What Your Dog is Desperately Trying to Tell You." Another great video on understanding your dog's body language.